Samoborsko gorje & Žumberačko gorje: Oštrc – Plešivica – Okić

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Samoborsko & Žumberačko gorje
Length: 38,5 km
Elevation gain: 1700 m
Maximum elevation
:  779 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Oštrc_Plešivica_Okić_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 24.04.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Last couple of weeks we spent most of our exploring mtb rides near Samobor. I’ve seen many interesting trails in these hills above Samobor. This weekend Andrej and I decided to visit Oštrc, Okić and Pleševica and connect them with as much as possible trails staying away from paved road. We parked in Samobor, and from there went for Rude, and followed unpaved road for mountain hut Ivica Sudnik . From there we continued with steep technical trail to Oštrc. After little refreshing in the hut beneath Oštrc we continued to Braslovlje with steep spiral trail which looks like little canal. It is very fun to ride. After this first descent we continued with paved road to Žumberak. After reaching house Poljica ( there you can eat or drink) we continued on paved road and after 2 km we turned left for unpaved road which later becomes very very steep. On the junction to peak Plešivica we turned left and from there pushed our bikes for second descent that ends again at house Poljica. Then again we continued with the same paved road and turned on unpaved road after 2 km, but this time on the junction we went right.

After this junction starts the best part of the whole route. Descent Karvanišće is combination of technical descent with switchbacks and some short flow sections spiced with beautifull views in all directions. When we ride it again it will be even better because there are some sections where you need to carry speed to pass some stones that lay in the middle of the trail, if you know where to expect them, it will be easier to pass them. After that we descended to village Novo Selo Okićko and continued to mountain hut beneath peak Okić. From there we continued to most technical demanding trail called “DH Strma” (DH Steep). As the name says it is very stepp trail, with drops, switchbacks and roots. I managed to ride all, except one detail with some steep rock. I wasn’t sure if you could roll it or you should drop it, so I left that rock for some other time. If I had some local to ride it in front of me  I’m sure I would ride it. All in all, this is very nice all day route with combination of technical and fast and flow trails with very beatifull views. Be sure to bring some money with you because this is all day ride and there are many huts where you can eat or/and drink something.

Note: You can combine this ride with some other rides from this region I rode before. Be polite to hikers, adjust your speed when you see them and say “hello” to them ;).

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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  1. Tihomir

    Odvozio danas ovu rutu, malo modificiranu. Odlična je!
    Ne znam kad bi mi palo na pamet otići na onu stazu na Karvanišću da ju nisam vidio ovdje. Hvala na dijeljenju tracka i opisa, baš dobro dođe za planiranje vožnji

    1. Notos

      Ej, hvala na komentaru, lijepo je dobiti povratnu informaciju pa da znam da to netko i vozi ono što stavljam :D. Uglavnom, sačekaj još koji dan/tjedan kad uhvatim vremena, vozili smo isto jednu jako zanimljivu stazu na Žumberku pa ćeš i nju moći ubaciti i svoju vožnju 😉

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