MTB Otočac – XC Family ride

Country: Croatia
Region: Gacka valley
Length: 59 km
Elevation gain: 380 m
Maximum elevation
:  516 m
Technical difficulty: 1/5
Download GPS Track: Otočac_Gacka_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 22.07.2017.
Suitable for e bike: Yes

Ride around Otočac is one of the best family rides I could recommend someone who isn’t into extreme biking and wants to avoid hard descents, but also likes riding and has average physical condition. Most of the route is on gravel and asphalt road. This route is mostly along river Gacka in Lika region near Velebit mountain and town Otočac.

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MTB Pelješac – sv. Juraj trail

Country: Croatia
Region: Pelješac/ Potomje
Length: 21 km
Elevation gain: 654 m
Maximum elevation:  538 m
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Peljesac_sv.Juraj trail_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 26.08.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes


While we were still in Žuljana on summer vacation, near Potomje I decided to visit sv. Juraj trail, which I heard about from Dalibor.  But before hiking on st. Juraj trail I took a XC ride that starts in Potomje, goes under the tunnel which leads to the west side of Pelješac. From there I followed unpaved road which has a nice look on the sea and local vineyards.


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MTB Korčula – Hum – Vela Luka

Country: Croatia
Island: Korčula
Length: 25 km
Elevation gain: 590 m
Maximum elevation
:  376 m
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Vela Luka_Hum_Korcula_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 18.08.2020.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Korčula is Croatian island in Adriatic sea. It is almost 50 km long, and in average 8 km wide and it is the most populous Croatian island not connected to the mainland by brige. Main settlements on the island are towns Korčula, Vela Luka and Blato. This summer I spent part of my vaccation in Vela Luka, so I decided to visit hill above this town.  At the highest point there are the ruins of a fortress, which was built during the reign of Austria-Hungary in the 19th century and is now only preserved in fragments. As we were camping in campsite Mindel , which is aproximately 5 km from Vela Luka, I started from there. From there I immediately connected on gravel road that goes along the coast on eastern part of Korčula and leads to Vela Luka town. From there i followed path that leads to peak Hum.

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