Kamešnica – Konj

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountain: Kamešnica, Konj peak
Length: 25,5 km
Elevation gain: 1450 m
Maximum elevation:  1856 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Cyclotrail_Kamešnica
Date of ride: 29.07.2023.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Gojsi rode this route few weeks before and he was very satisfied with it. He talked us into going for vacation in BiH, so we decided to repeat his ride. We knew what to expect and that this route has a lot of hiking with a bike. First part of the route is on unpaved road that starts in Liskovača.  This road leads to border with Croatia, and here started our problems. We crossed this border and got stopped by Croatian police. Luckily we had our identification cards with us, so they let us go (after two hours of legitimization), and we continued our journey. But we got misdemeaonr report, and have to go on a court for this.
We continued our journey, and now since we were in Croatia we again entered illegally in BiH, but there are no cameras on this path so we didn’t have any problems. ( Very absurd situation).

When we connected on hiking path actually started our real problem. Hiking path is very steep, and not bike friendly so most of the time we had to carry our bikes on our back, or make our way through thick grass and vegetation.


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MTB Čaven

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Čaven
Length: 34,2 km
Elevation gain: 1350 m
Maximum elevation: 1242 m
Tehnical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Caven_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 06.05.2023.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

After a long time of bad weather we finally went back to Ajdovščina to visit mountain opposite to Nanos. We parked our car in Ajdovščina and from there started ou travel. First part of ascent is on singletrack trail that looks like it is made for uphill path for famous Ajdovščina mtb trails. Some of those trails I rode few years before.
I wanted to visit Čaven before summer because later here will be pretty hot, and during summer I have plans to go in Alps in northern part.


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MTB Nanos

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Nanos
Length: 31 km
Elevation gain: 1480 m
Maximum elevation: 1262 m
Tehnical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Nanos_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 06.01.2023.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Another great ride to for opening bike season. This was first real ride for my Santa Cruz Bronson and first time that Ivan was riding his eMTB on this kind of exploring ride. Nanos is high karst ridge in the western part of province of Notranjska which separates northern part of Slovenia with Primorje. It is 12 km long and 6 km wide plateu with a cut off steep edge. For mountaineers, the most interesting is the southern peak of Pleš (1262 m), where a TV transmitter is located under the very top, and a little further down is the “Vojkova koča” mountain lodge, named after the national hero Janko Premrl – Vojko. This peak is also our destination. Mountain lodge was under reconstruction so we couldn’t go inside, but hosts made available food and drinks in outside tent.

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