About me & this web site

Cyclotrail website includes descriptions, videos, GPS data and pictures of rides through Croatia and countries in neighbourhood. The main goal is to show the beauties of intact nature, if I manage to present you only a glimpse, I will consider it a success.

All content (content being text, design, images in any format, graphics, videos, maps, GPS tracklogs, information) posted on this Web Site are the property of Cyclotrail, web site owned by www.cyclotrail.com and Author. The content is protected by Croatian and other foreign copyright & trademark laws.

I don’t take any responsibility about current situation on any listed trail. I don’t take any responsibility about provided data.


I would like to thank Miroslav Marić (Croatian mountain biker) for his effort and  data that helped me on my trails.



  • Bike&Hike
  • Mountain biking (on natural trails)
  • Ecology
  • Hiking
  • Beer after singletrack

Grades for technical difficulties explained:

1/5 – routes with combination of unpaved and paved roads mostly on paved road
2/5 – dirt roads, carriageways, easy singletracks.
3/5 – singletrack trails for XC and enduro bikes
4/5 – routes with sketchy rock and root sections
5/5 – trails with higher risk, where is hard to ride  downhill

Note: Routes with grades 4 & 5 are for experienced riders