Prenj – Velika Kapa

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountain: Prenj, Velika Kapa Peak
Length: 44,60 km
Elevation gain: 1870 m
Maximum elevation:  2007 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Prenj Velika Kapa
Date of ride: 20.05.2018.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Expedition to Velika Kapa peak was the day after XC ride to Borašnica. I was very excited because this was my first bike trip 2000 meters above sea level. In Croatia there are no mountains higher than 1850 meters, and just mountain Prenj has 11 peaks over 2000 meters (Velika Kapa is one of them). Usually, when I go alone, or with my friends on biking or hiking trip I study the route and collect all useful informations, but today I was going with experienced mountainbikers, hikers and skiers from BiH, so I only had to enjoy the panoramic views and nature. It is a nice feeling when you don’t have to worry about on where to turn right/left on next intersection.

When we started the route there was 20 of us, but only 7 of us (Đani, Ivo, Kevre and me with bikes and Emir, Dragan and Božo on foot) decided to go on Velika Kapa peak. The rest of the group went to visit Tisovica valley. I heard a lot about this valley, and after seeing it from above I decided that I will visit it once.


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