Platak – DH Platak -Grobnik Alps – po Čeki

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Grobnik Alps – Platak
Length: 46,5 km
Elevation gain:  1460 m
Maximum elevation: 1363 m
Tehnical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Platak_Radeševo_Grobnik Alps_po Čeki
Date of ride: 01.11.2020
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

I don’t even count how many times I visited Grobnik Alps, but this time we wanted to explore trails on our own. Untill now, every time we visited this place we followed someone elses gpx, this time we decided to create our own route and hope for the best. We parked our car in Dražice on free parking lot near main square. We always park here because after ride we eat in local restaurant. From here we started our ride and followed paved road to Soboli to meet with Matko from BK Rodeo. I’ve met him the day before when we rode together on Učka mountain. From there we connected to gravel road that begins near Grobnik race track. From there, path is pretty straight forward. Even though gravel road is on loose surface, pretty steep and very tiring, we prefer this ascent than  asphalt road, but if you like you can choose ascent on paved road.


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Žuljana – sv. Ivan

Country: Croatia
Region: Pelješac/ st. Ivan peak
Length: 19,6 km
Elevation gain: 589 m
Maximum elevation:  450 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Žuljana_sv.Ivan_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 22.08.2020
Suitable for E-bike: Yes (if e-bike has push assistance)

Few days before this ride I was looking from beach on surrounding hills above Žuljana and wondered how many  mtb trails they hide. Later I found out that there is interesting peak st. Ivan with nice view, but used mostly by hikers. I asked local mountainbikers about possibility to go with mountain bike, but nobody didn’t have useful informations so I decided to check it on my own. I went on a hiking with my girlfriend and did some trail inspection and immediately realised that this trail is hidden gem, even though it was overgrown on few sections it was possible to pass through with the bike.

After hiking, the next day,  I went on a ride very early to avoid heat during ascent. Start was from my apartment in Žuljana, and from there I followed asphalt road that connects to Dubrava, but just before Dubrava turn right on gravel road which is old Napoleon path that goes along main road.


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