Prenj – Borašnica

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountain: Prenj, Borašnica Peak
Length: 36,03 km
Elevation gain:1228 m
Maximum elevation: 1879 m
Tehnical difficulty: 2/5
Download GPS Track: Prenj_Borašnica
Date of ride: 19.05.2018.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Prenj is mountain range in the Dinaric Alps of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina located near Jablanica, Mostar and Konjic. It has 11 peaks over 2 000 m. For this trip guys from Mostar (Đani and Ivo) and guys from Konjic (MTBA Konjic) decided to show me one of the peaks bellow 2 000m. I’m very lucky to met these guys from BiH, not only that I found people from other country that share same interests as me, I also found people who made me feel home even though I was far away.

Borašnica peak is known sightseeing point. During ascend you can see Boračko lake, Rakitnica canyon, town Konjic and local mountains.

We started climbing few km above village Borci and there we met MTBA Konjic crew. (Đani, Ivo and I came from Mostar through mountain road with Đani’s jeep, I think he can put at least 12 bikes on that giant).  This whole route was recorded before I bought gimbal, so video is little shaky but I think I can salvage something from clips.

Most of the route is unpaved road. But guys from Konjic showed us singletrack that ends in Džajići village.  (We had Đani’s jeep that welcomed us there so we didn’t have to pedal back to starting point.

Some areas out of road and near peak could be mined, so you should be careful. This is Zlajo trying to tell you that.


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