Prenj – Velika Kapa

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountain: Prenj, Velika Kapa Peak
Length: 44,60 km
Elevation gain: 1870 m
Maximum elevation:  2007 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Prenj Velika Kapa
Date of ride: 20.05.2018.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Expedition to Velika Kapa peak was the day after XC ride to Borašnica. I was very excited because this was my first bike trip 2000 meters above sea level. In Croatia there are no mountains higher than 1850 meters, and just mountain Prenj has 11 peaks over 2000 meters (Velika Kapa is one of them). Usually, when I go alone, or with my friends on biking or hiking trip I study the route and collect all useful informations, but today I was going with experienced mountainbikers, hikers and skiers from BiH, so I only had to enjoy the panoramic views and nature. It is a nice feeling when you don’t have to worry about on where to turn right/left on next intersection.

When we started the route there was 20 of us, but only 7 of us (Đani, Ivo, Kevre and me with bikes and Emir, Dragan and Božo on foot) decided to go on Velika Kapa peak. The rest of the group went to visit Tisovica valley. I heard a lot about this valley, and after seeing it from above I decided that I will visit it once.

The first 14 km is ascent on unpaved road. During all time it goes through woods so even during summer you will be in the shades.  After 14 km we encountered mountain hut “PD Senad-Muhibić-Dundo” that was built by PD Borašnica and works during weekends or by special arrangements. Right after the hut begins bike&hike, first through bushy beech forest, then comes territory of pines. Even by vegetation you can see how mountain becomes more exotic and demanding when you go higher. During all day looked like it would rain but Prenj, unpredictable as it is, gifted us with spectacular weather.

After more than one hour of bike&hike we came out of the bushy terrain and encountered marker which showed that we are on the right way, and that we have approximately of 2 hours of bike and hike to peak.

When we reached the saddle, Prenj shoved its beauty in various ways. On the right side opened the view on Tisovica valley and in that moment I realized why is that valley on of the most beautiful in BiH. In front of me there was Velika Kapa peak, and anywhere I looked I saw a huge summits cowered with snow beneath  which lied grass and stones. We where lucky that we had company on foot so they took photos of us riding, and these photos are one of the most beautiful photos I have from my rides.

Still, another 2 hours of bike&hike adventure awaits to peak over ridge. At some moment I decided to bypass one of many summits of ridge on the right side which shoved as a mistake, I lost very big amount of strength because of poor judgment. But fortunately it only cost me some time. Riding/carrying and pushing bike over the ridge was very interesting because I could choose path. There is no visible road, but at anytime you see the peak where you need to go and nothings stands in your way.

Final ascent to the peak.

During the ascent I found out about 2000+ challenge. It is some kind of prestigious challenge and its completion demands visiting all 78 peaks in BiH above 2000 meters. Dragan and Božo completed the challenge and visited all 78 peaks, and Emir is on a good way to accompany them. Emir is also one of the active members of website and there you can see many reports about bike trips and many useful informations.

After enjoying the view on the summit and exchange of contacts Đani, Ivo, Kevre and I decided to go to Idbar valley, because Đani arranged shuttle car for us there. Descent to Idbar was a huge question mark for us because nobody didn’t know in what condition is the old singletrack to Idbar, and where exactly is entrance to this singletrack. As we expected, descent to Idbar valley was very very steep, at some parts overgrown by vegetation, but all in all it was rideable through most part of it. The singletrack to Idbar demanded a lot of caution and technical skill. If you choose to ride this route, but you don’t have a shuttle car, you can ride the part of my track, but without the descent to Idbar valley.

Note: At the beginning of the route, for a short period, we ended in the woods and lost road, but if you closely follow my track you will easily find the road.


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