Poštak hike & bike

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Poštak
Length: 10 km
Elevation gain: 820 m
Maximum elevation
:  1425 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Bike & Hike Poštak_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 23.05.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes (if e-bike has push assistance, lots of pushing your bike)

This route starts from a place called Otrić, near train station which doesn’t look like train station. Is is a actually a container. We parked our car on parking lot of train station, there is enough space. In the foothill of Poštak was exchange of mail between Austro-Hungaria and Turkey, so thats the origin of mountains name. Few centuries ago, this was mybe alive place, but now, nobody lives here anymore. All the houses are overgrown by vegetation, and beneath Poštak there is only one container with a worker and a dog (tornjak) that makes him company. Dog was having a higlight of the month when he saw two cyclists, but he didn’t show signs of agressivness.He was barking on us, It wasn’t dangerous but it was a little bit intimidating, especially if you are alone. Path that leads to a peak is pretty straightforward. It is one way up, and on the same trail down. It starts on East side beside container and goes through  the tunnel under rails and foollows unpaved road that soon becomes singletrack. First few hundred meters you can pedal, but as you reach the hiking trail you need to push your bike to the top with few pedable exceptions.

It took us from Otrić to the peak two hours with easy pace and few rests like this one. As we were reaching top, trail became steeper. It is actually very helpfull that we are descending on the same path because we made trail inspection on the way and scouted some lines before descent.

I’m sure that without scouting those lines we wouldn’t ride most of the though sections. On the descent we stopped near park of natural sculptures and famous “Alien”. It is a stone shaped like alien head, which you can see on thumbnail of video. You werent on Poštak if You don’t have one picture with it.

Poštak is placed on Triad between Lika, Dalmatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and you have views in all directions in which you can enjoy before descent.

First part of descent is on steep trail with technical sections, but it is rideable all the way if you make detail scouting during ascent. I think we made a pretty good job at that and remebered all the lines. Later trail becomes combination of fast and flow sections and rocky technical descent.
Note: Due to frequent strong winds, be sure to check weather conditions. At the top, we had really strong wind that made descend at the top even harder, but we managed somehow. If you are not into MTB, I recommend you to hike this trail, even though descending on the bike is more attractive for me.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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