Platak – DH Platak -Grobnik Alps – po Čeki

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Grobnik Alps – Platak
Length: 46,5 km
Elevation gain:  1460 m
Maximum elevation: 1363 m
Tehnical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Platak_Radeševo_Grobnik Alps_po Čeki
Date of ride: 01.11.2020
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

I don’t even count how many times I visited Grobnik Alps, but this time we wanted to explore trails on our own. Untill now, every time we visited this place we followed someone elses gpx, this time we decided to create our own route and hope for the best. We parked our car in Dražice on free parking lot near main square. We always park here because after ride we eat in local restaurant. From here we started our ride and followed paved road to Soboli to meet with Matko from BK Rodeo. I’ve met him the day before when we rode together on Učka mountain. From there we connected to gravel road that begins near Grobnik race track. From there, path is pretty straight forward. Even though gravel road is on loose surface, pretty steep and very tiring, we prefer this ascent than  asphalt road, but if you like you can choose ascent on paved road.

On the way up, we encountered on a strange bug that looks like crossover of a tick and a fly. They were all over us. Even after the ride, when I got back in Zagreb I found them in my backpack. Later we found out that they are some kind of parasites that suck blood on large stock.
After reaching asphalt road we decided to continue on gravel road (this is second time where you can reconsider to take easier path). After this crossing, road becomes even more loose, and ascent a little bit harder.

From this intersection there are 7 km to Radeševo peak. Due to shortened days, we realised that we could be cought by dark, so we couldn’t afford long break at the top, so after quick snack we descended with DH Platak trail.  Even though the trail is short, it has interesting sections. We looked on those gaps from afar and left them for some happier times. After descent, we followed gravel road that leads to Hahlić.

If you need to take more water or food with you be sure to do it while on Platak, because it is the only place on route where you can do it.

As sun started to set lower, fog took over Grobnik Alps, so we couldn’t enjoy in famous views, but we experienced mystical atmosphere that followed us throughout  descent.

On our way we encountered on Milan, Czech guy that is on MTB vacation in Croatia. Later, during our conversation, I found out that he read this blog and followed my routes that I rode previously. I was very happy when I found out that, and I was amazed with the coincidence that we met each other and that we found ourselves at the same time and place, considering that I don’t even live near Grobnik Alps, and visit it maybe once or twice a year, tops. We talked him into to go with us on descend (He followed my route that goes on west ridge of Mudna dol).

First part of descend is on the same path that goes on Mudna dol ridge, but after reaching saddle, we followed path that leads right. It is almost the same as singletrack that goes on ridge, fast and flow. After reaching gravel road we turned left on rocky and technical singletrack, be careful not to continue with gravel road. After some time this path becomes more interesting and more demanding. It has tight switchbacks, drops and fast sections. After every ride I say: “I think this is my favorite trail on grobnik Alps”. Last time it was descent from Ćunina glava, and now it is po Čeki trail…

Note: you can combine this ride with other routes on Grobnik Alps.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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