MTB Učka: Lovran – Mala Učka – Balin

Country: Croatia
 Mountain: Učka/Mala Učka – Balin
Length: 43 km
Elevation gain: 1350 m
Maximum elevation:  880 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS TrackMala Učka_Balin_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 31.03.2019.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Today, I wanted to ride another route, but my friends prepared something else for me. They’ve got some interesting gpx file and  outvoted me, so we went to Mala Učka and peak Balin. Initial plan was to go on peak Vojak, but we decided to leave that trip for another time. Our route started in Lovran, and first part is on paved road that goes through Liganj, Janjetići and Tuliševica. At 7th km, after Tuliševica we go right to unpaved road that leads to Mala Učka. All the way to Mala Učka is unpaved road with some short singletrack sections. (Two years after we went again this route and parked our car in Moćenička Draga, which is better because when you descend you are closer to car.)

After we already started biking I realized that I forgot my phone, so we only had a watch as navigation device. That worked very well and we managed to finish our ride. Good thing about my forgotten mobile is that watch is not so precise and led us to peak Balin (which wasn’t even on our route), but now I can’t imagine our ride without this bike&hike ascent and freeride descent.

After ascent to peak Balin we enjoyed the view. From there you can see Vojak (highest peak of Učka mountain, 1396 meters above sea level), islands Cres, Krk, Rijeka town and bigest Croatian peninsula Istria.

Freeride descent from Balin is very good introduction what awaits us after. Kilometers and kilometers of great singletracks with switchbacks and rocky sections. Even though the surface of singletrack is made of rocks, trail has a nice flow.
After descent in Mošćenice, and little chat with locals, they point us to some kind of “rainforrest” which increases diversity of route.  Dirt, rocks, stairs, amazing views, swimming in the sea, this route has everything to offer.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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