MTB Krk Baška – Obzova

Country: Croatia
Region: Island Krk/Obzova peak
Length: 32,5 km
Elevation gain: 980 m
Maximum elevation:  569 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS TrackKrk Obzova Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 02.03.2019.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Obzova is the highest peak on island Krk and the trail that leads to the peak is one of the most interesting I rode in last few years. Route starts near beach in Baška. Baška is resort town situated on southern part of island and is famous for its old town, churches and long beautiful beach which is sadly overcrowded during summer.  We didn’t have such problems because we decided to visit Baška in March.
As I said, our route starts near beach and follows paved road to the graveyard. Paved road ends there, and starts carrigeway that leads through pine forest to the famous Moon plateau which offers impressive landscapes made of karst and stone deserts which look like moon surface. There is mtb race (4islands) that is held on this island, and big part of the race is similar to this route, but the race then goes to Punat, and this route continues to Obzova, and then descends back to Baška. Ride is not suitable for hardtail bike.

This was my first serious ride on the new bike, and first real test, so I was a little bit impatient to see how will the bike respond. Even though 130 mm suspension fork worked well, 150 mm or more would be better.

 Pools near obzova peak used for cattle, give a distinctive look to surroundings. Although the trail is very well marked, sometimes is really hard to see the markings, so it is very important to go with the GPS device.

The view on Velebit, Prvić, Goli Otok from Obzova peak. Goli Otok was jail many years ago. Now is deserted, but it can be visited and you can see some old buildings. Žac and I took a little detour from the route to visit another pool, so we had to hike through some really steep section. It is very easy too lose markings, or to end up following another markings, so you should check your GPS device frequently.

Note: During summer can be very hot, so the ride is not recommended during hot days. Even though this route is only 33 km long, you can expect that it will last from 4-7 hours, depends on your form. Before going on the ride check wind activity, could be very windy. If you choose to go during summer, I advise to go very early. and use lot of suncream. Descent from Obzova peak is very rocky and steep, be careful. Shins for legs and arms are advised on this trail.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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