MTB Hahlić Mudna dol ridge

Country: Croatia
Region: Grobnik Alps/ west ridge of Mudna dol
Length: 30,8 km
Elevation gain: 940 m
Maximum elevation:  867 m
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS TrackMTB Grobnik Alps Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 08.10.2018
Suitable for E-bike: Yes (if e-bike has push assistance)

I’ve studied in Rijeka and lived there for a good part of my life, so  I have many good memories and friends that connect me with this place. First time when I traveled to Rijeka I saw these mountains that look like downsized Alps. It took me almost ten years, since i first saw them, to visit this meadow mountains painted with rocks.  I looked at many pictures, and watched many videos of Mudna dol ridge, but nothing compares to real life experience when descending through its singletrack, but let’s start from the beginning. My route started in the village Soboli near highway, and is really accessible and plenty of space to leave car.

After I freed my bike from the racks and started to ride, little drops of rain started to peep from the clouds. I was very close to going back to the car and put my ride on the pause button. But while I was thinking to quit, my legs behaved like third entity and cycled, not listening to my brain.

When I reached some height, weather became perfect for riding and I was glad that I didn’t quit earlier.
First 3,5 kilometers are on paved road, and then on intersection on the right side is unpaved road which lies on my route.  Path is at some sections covered with deep gravel, so wider tires are recommended. Soon, the wide views uncover and I realize why is this massif called Grobnik Alps.

While I was sightseeing and cycling, a few times my tire crossed through faeces. At first, I thought that it was from cow, but soon I found culprits. When ascending, most path is on unpaved road, and few kilometers on combination of carrigeway and singletrack. But then, after 18,5 km I reached the Mudna dol ridge, and one of the best singletracks I have ever rode.

In the middle of the route, at 14th km, my hose detached from the bladder and I lost 2/3 of water. It almost wet my battery charger and gimbal, but I was lucky.  Worse part of the spill was that I was short of water, and I’m heavily water drinker during cycling. 

I have seen many pictures of this singletrack, but when i was riding this part, excitement was on its peak, and no picture can really represent the beauty. Wide horizon in 360 degrees and clean view on Cres, Krk and Učka while gliding on rocky singletrack surrounded with golden grass. During all seasons meadow changes color, so it would be nice to see all coats in its chest.

Descent on the ridge of Mudna dol merges with another carrigeway path which transformed into rocky singletrack. This part of the route was a surprise for me, and is a real gem. And for a rocky singletrack is really flowy. After descent path leads near famous Grobnik car race poligon and then back to the spot where I parked. Great circular route, not so physically demanding and could be rode with hardtail mountain bike.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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