Hahlići – Podkilavac – Mudna dol west ridge

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Grobnik Alps
Length: 27 km
Elevation gain:  1100 m
Maximum elevation: 1150 m
Tehnical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Podkilavac_Mudna dol_CycloTrail
Date of ride: 08.03.2020
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Year and a half ago I visited Mudna dol ridge for the first time, and on this day I finished fifty percent of my plan to visit Mudna dol in all four year seasons. For now I put check mark on winter and autumn. I will visit Mudna dol soon, but this time without bike (hiking through Mudna dol and then back on west or east ridge seems like very good option). Ivan suggested that we should visit Hahlići this weekend and I agreed without hesitation. I did some searching on google, and found some gpx, but there wasn’t any explanation with it, so we didn’t know what to expect of the route.

We parked our car in Podkilavac, if you are traveling from Zagreb, and want to go to Podkilavac you should exit on the first right, 100 meters after toll. There is plenty of space in Podkilavac to find a parking spot. From there we started our ascent but first we passed by Grobnik field. At the begining, path was on paved road, which later become macadam (as you can see on the pictures above)

At approximately 7th km we reached end of the macadam road and connected to mostly ground singletrack. And there we met old friends who accompanied me a year ago. We were very happy to see these magnificent creatures who very well match with the landscape of Hahlići. Because of this part, this gpx track is way better of the last route I rode in October 2018.

After enjoing in this singletrack and sounds of half wild horses, we encountered the beginning of steep dissipated macadam road by which we reached Hahlić hut after combination of walking and biking. At some parts macadam is too loose and to steep, we realized that it is way easier to walk than pedal.

In hut we ate, refreshed and talked with lovable host.  Considering that this route is pretty short and not so heavy, we planed to enjoy and take our time on terrace, but the chilling wind rushed us into one of the most beautiful trails – Mudna dol west ridge. For reaching this trail we had to go through  the remains of snow which reminded us that winter is still here…

Note: If you plan to take this route be sure to check wind conditions, and always just in case take windproof jacket with yourself. During winter check snow conditions.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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