Golica – Hrušica peak

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Golica/Hrušica peak
Length: 39 km
Elevation gain: 1603m
Maximum elevation:  1750 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: MTB Golica_Hrušica peak_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 25.06.2019.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Golica is a mountain in Slovenian Alps located on western part of Karavank Alps. We visited this mountain in June, and picked a perfect day for this trip. Even though Golica is very close to Stol , it is very different from that route. We parked on parking lot in Mojstrana, and started to ride on south side of river Sava. There is flat bicycle lane, which is great for warming up. Our route goes on this lane for a few km.

After crossing river Jesenica we went left following the road for Golica and there starts ascent on paved road. After 13 km of pedaling we stumbled on well. Little refreshing, snack and we continued forwards. From here starts views on pastures.

At the begining when we reached pastures we realized that this is one of the rides which takes a lof of pushing and hiking with the bike. If you don’t like this kind of trips, then you should not ride this track, but if you choose to ride this track you will be rewarded with great singletracks and even better views. At 24th km we reached mountain hut “Planinska koča na Golici”. There was some band playing polka music which is typical for this region.

Mountain hut is beneath peak Golica. We didn’t have time for visiting on the peak, so we rested a little bit at the hut. From there we continued our path on one of the best singletrak that offers spectacular views. At one section I overestimated my mtb skills so I fell down and broke my gimbal. I coudn’t make any more videos, but I recorded Goran while he was riding.


If you plan to visit this mountain, try to visit it during May or June because then meadows are cowered with Narcissus. It is forbidden to pick them, but you can watch and photograph them.That way we will preserve them for next generations…

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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  1. SebL

    Thank you for the many information on mountain biking in natural terrain. For Solvenia, it is not esay to find information about singletracks outside bikeparks!

    During several days, I plan to cross the Karavanks by the ridges between the summits of Stol and Baba. What is the best descent from the latter summit, between your 2 routes?
    – Golica – Hrušica peak
    – Dovška Planina – Sedlo Mlinca

    By the way, I really like your photos and videos. With which camera do you make video (GoPro?) and do you take pictures ?
    Thanks in advance,

    Sébastien, from France

    1. Notos

      I liked better descent on route Dovška Planina – Sedlo Mlinca. It was way more fun for me. Golica – Hrušica peak is also great ride with great sights and views during ascent, but lacks in adrenaline descent. (Best combination would be ascent from route Golica and descent from route Sedlo Mlinca). At the time I recorded those rides I used gopro 5 + gimbal. Now I use just gopro 9. Pictures are mostly from different phones because I sometimes use photos from a friends who ride with me.

      Be sure to check snow conditions, specially if you are going on high altitudes, I remember when we were riding on Stol in June and there were still some snow.

      Good luck 😉

  2. SebL

    Thanks a lot

    1. Notos

      You are welcome, I also recommend you to explore Croatia if you have spare time. Here you can also find some great routes. Maybe here are not so good suitable long distance mtb trails, but you can place yourself in some good location and ride some interesting one day routes 😉

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