Drniš – Promina

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Promina
Length: 35 km
Elevation gain: 1390 m
Maximum elevation
:  1148 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Drniš_Promina_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 22.05.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Weekend when we visited Promina was reserved for Velebit and its highest peak, but due to logistic problems and weather conditions we decided to visit Promina instead. We were amazed with this mountain positioned in inland of Dalmatia and its beautiful trails. I got a contact from a friend and he sent us “best of” gpx track and even drawn for us some parts of trails that we wanted to ride.

We parked our car on parking space of some building and from there started our ride that starts from Drniš. From there we started to Promina mountain. Almost  all the time, ascent is on unpaved road, some short parts are on hiking trail (and doable with bike).

 It is good to know that on the first ascent there is a spring of fresh water. Even though it wasn’t very hot when we were visiting Promina, during summer could be very hot, specially because almost all the time unpaved road is exposed so there are not shades on ascent. Three kilometers before peak there is mountain house that works on weekends and on holidays.

Peak of Promina mountain offers views in all directions. You can se our highest mountain Dinara, Velebit, Croatian coast, mountains from Bosnia and Hezegovina and other mountains and peaks in Croatia.

At first, at descent we took a wrong turn, but soon we realized our mistake and then we found right trail. First 100-200 meters of descend is not rideable and doable by bike, but after this short hiking path, trail becomes one of the best natural trails I rode in Croatia in the last few years. I was disappointed why this trails are not more famous.  Even though those are hiking trails, they are bike friendly and almost have a filing like they are made for mtb. Drops, great views, fast sections, technical sections, switchbacks, slopes and cliff, everything is summarized in Promina trails. After first descent we decided to go back up again on the same road and try different trail for descent. They are kind of the same but still little different.

Ending of second descent has a easter egg in a shape of cliff that goes along the trail. It is not dangerous because trail is away of abyss but nevertheless you should be careful not to fall down, it would be fatal for sure.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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