Črna Prst

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Julijan Alps
Length: 27,5 km
Elevation gain: 1950 m
Maximum elevation: 1835 m
Tehnical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Crna Prst_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 10.07.2022.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Črna Prst is a mountain in the southeastern Julian Alps. Standing at 1,844 metres, it is the 370th–highest peak in Slovenia. In the interwar period, the mountain ridge marked the border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The floral richness of the vast grassy slopes have fascinated botanists and visitors to the mountain world since the late 18th century, in particular the meadows of flowers on Črna Prst. The exceptionally diverse flora are due to the geography of the ridge, which experiences a mixed alpine and coastal climate, as well as the unique rock composition. The Slovene name Črna Prst, meaning ‘black soil’, is derived from the unusual patch of psilomelane (a dark manganese ore)[3] and dark shaley claystones by the summit, clearly visible from the north-east.

We started our ride from Podbrdo and this ride is very similar to our ride when we were visiting Možić & Kobla, the main difference is that we rode ascent to Kobla in opposite direction (which is very very steep), and at top of all, we added ascent to Črna Prst which is also physically demanding.

Descent from the hut beneath Črna prst looked easier because it looked that trail is soil, but when we started riding we realized that upper part is very steep with combination of discipated stones with thight switchbacks. Middle part of the trail is in the woods, and little bit easier, but also very fun to ride. On lower part we turned wrong and descended on macadam road, later we realized that there are some possible another options for descents (we saw them on strava heatmaps).

All in all, landscape is beautifull, one of the best looking ascents, we climbed three peaks, but also very very physically demanding ascents and technically demanding descent. For this trip you have to be in good physical condition to really enjoy in your ride.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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