Brač – Vidova Gora

Country: Croatia/Island Brač
Mountain: Vidova Gora
Length: 34,7 km
Elevation gain:1118 m
Maximum elevation: 760 m
Tehnical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Brač Vidova Gora
Date of ride: 16.06.2018.


 Island Brač is the highest island in Croatia with his peak 760 m high. It is surrounded by Adriatic sea. Stone from Brač is famous by its quality all around the world (even the White House is made of its white stones). I always wondered what sound will produce this noble stones when they meet my wheels. Luckily you will also her this sound in video below.


The begging of my route starts in the very center of a small town Bol, which is positioned on the southern side of Brač. There is one of the famous beaches in Croatia called Zlatni Rat. Most web sites declare this beach one of the most beautiful in Adriatic coast, but for me is only beautiful from the air. In close I was a little bit disappointed because i expected sand not stone pebbles.

Due to hot weather I started my ride early, about 7:00. (Plan was 5:00 but I’m not a morning person).  First few km i ride through Bol, then I found unpaved road and steep ascent to the peek Vidova Gora.


On the left side of the picture you can see island Hvar which I also visited this summer.


Ressing tapping from the trees used to be common on island Brač. It is no wonder because there is lots of trees, and many sheeps lurking around them and eating grass from the ground.

A few curious sheeps that accompanied me during my biking. (Right click on image/view image to enlarge)

Ascent to the Vidova Gora is combination of unpaved and paved road. Descent is mostly singletrack through gnarly stones on hiking trail, and all bikers should be very careful because of hikers, especially during season on summer.

When I got to the top, I caught bad weather so I rested a little bit, ate some homemade sandwich with a beer that I brought from under.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:


Panoramic foto from the peak of island Brač. Left you can see mountain Biokovo, on the front island Hvar and Pelješac peninsula. (Right click on image/view image to enlarge)

Due to bad weather the next day I only explored Brač one day, it is too short to explore all sides of this beautiful island, but I hope I will soon be back to see most of interesting trails. Nevertheless I managed to soak in Adriatic sea and balance my biking tan.

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It’s very hard for me to write something that is not about bikes and rides, so this will probably be one of the hardest text I will write on this website.  This year, a lot has happened in my life. At the end of 2017. moved (temporary) from Zagreb to Dalmatia (southern part of Croatia) and had a lot of time for myself. I’ve read books, blogs, rode my bike and explored some local trails. During 2018. I’ve met a lot of people, and it is very interesting how people can connect around such simple thing as bike.

Usually I don’t like to expose myself. I haven’t got real facebook name, or a profile picture, so this blog will be real exit from comfort zone. I will write about my riding, and try to help people who don’t know where to go to explore trails. I haven’t seen any website (in Croatia) that has video documentation of trails and rides in one place. There is a few, but there is no information about rides. There are many quality websites that have very good information, but there isn’t any video documentation, so my idea is to make website that has all.

In the middle of the 2018. I bought action camera and gimbal and there started to breath idea to document and share my rides. Because I’m not so skilled rider main goal of videos will be visualization of landscapes and information about routes.

My bike fetishes are all mountain and bike&hike rides flavoured with beer (and the other way around), but there will also be and xc rides. So, enough “talk”, lets try to relive rides… 


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