Kranj – Incredible trails

Country: Slovenia
Region: Kranj
Length: 34 km
Elevation gain: 1820m
Maximum elevation:
  1420 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Kranj_incredible trails_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 02.06.2024.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

When we decided to go in Preddvor to ride local trails, I didn’t expect that second trail would be one of the best trails I have ever ridden. I had gpx track for second trail and from the video I knew that this trail would be interesting, but ascent and descent combined had about 700 meters of elevation gain and about 15 km lenght. It was to little to ride and to travel from Zagreb, so I added one ascent and descent which I drew blindly not knowing the terrain.  At the end we got about 1800 elevetion gain and about 12 km of bike trails. First part is on paved road, later we connect to gravel road which is very very steep almost all the time. Luckily we were on e-bikes so it was easier for us. At 7th kilometer we connected to the trail that leads to both descents. First part of that trail wich leads to intersection to the second descent is rideable with electric bike, but after that intersection becomes even more steep, so we had to push our bikes.


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Kamnik – The ridge trail

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Kamnik
Length: 40 km
Elevation gain: 1353m
Maximum elevation:
  1600 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Kamnik_The ridge ride_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 05.05.2024.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

This route is ideal for e-mtb and these kind of trails are now fully enjoyable and more rideable uphill when you have some assistance. You can also ride this route with normal bike, but be prepared to walk a little bit more on the ascents at the ridge. We parked at the parking spot of cable car to Velika Planina because my plan was to ride Dolski Graben from Velika Planina, after we descent from Kamnik. Luckily, we had time, but trail from Velika Planina was nearly destroyed due to large amounts of rain that poured out last year.

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MTB Dobrča

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Dobrča
Length: 16 km
Elevation gain: 1190 m
Maximum elevation: 1478 m
Tehnical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Dobrča_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 23.03.2024.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Finally on international ride. It is very difficult to find some time to ride after having kid, so I cherish this trips very much and I tend to enjoy this kind of rides even more than before. After long debating with myself i picked ride to mountain Dobrča. This is one of the challenging descents (and ascents) that at the time of the ride didn’t have snow on the peak. At night of our ride forecast predicted 25 cm of snow, so we were very very lucky. Dobrča is a 1634 meter high mountain located between Begunj and Tržič. From the top, which has an entry box with a stamp, the view opens only to part of the Julian Alps, and part of the western and central Karavanki. For an even better view, it’s worth climbing to Šentanski vrh, 5 minutes away. Our main destination before descent was hut “Koča na Dobrči” Which was opened at the time of our visit, and we have had great meal over there. Ivan and I had mushroom stew, and Andrej had beans. Meals are plentiful so be prepared.

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