Samoborsko gorje – Japetić & Oštrc

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Samoborsko gorje (Samobor hills)
Length: 35,5 km
Elevation gain:  1180 m
Maximum elevation: 839 m
Tehnical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Samoborsko gorje_Japetić & Oštrc_Cyclotril
Date of ride: 08.10.2019
Suitable for E-bike: Yes (if e-bike has push assistance)

I looked in my folders on computer and found out that I rode year before at the same month on Samoborsko gorje. This route is similar with the year before, but with few modifications. The most important one is that now I rode with friends. The second modification is that i visited Samoborsko gorje with my new bike (which showed as big improvement considering the old bike) , and the third modification is that after reaching Japetić peak we went straight to Oštrc without visiting Pleševica and Okić. We parked our cars at supermarket Konzum near stadium and from there followed the paved road (about 12 km) to Šoićeva kuća (Šoić house) and started ascent to peak Japetić.

Views on Samoborsko gorje slowly opening at the begining. Japetić awaits us…


After few km, starts very steep sections usual for Samoborsko gorje, it is very smart to know your limits and conserve strength for later. If you are overambitious, those steep ascents can easily drain your energy, except if you are Zoki who can pedal them (and talk during pedaling:) all day.

Favorite part of ascent on the way to Japetić.

Trees deployed in unusual way, it looks like someone planned that every tree be away at the same distance from the neighbor one. After reaching Žitnica hut, we rested for a bit, charged our batteries and continued for Oštrc.

We returned back with macadam road that leads to Japetić hut, and after 500 meters turned right on descend that leads to Oštrc (at this point starts video). There starts fun combination of singletrack and double track. Later we reached ridge that offers view on Japetić (which we visited just before).

Little hiking to peak Oštrc. Cherry on the top is nice view from the top and descent that leads to Željezničar hut. After standard routine of beer and food we continued over the ridge. It is harder path due to steep descends and ascents, but it has rewarding views. You can choose to go right if you want easier way. (the trails will intersect after few hundred meters). If you want to spice things up, you can combine this route with another one, Oštrc-Japetić-Pleševica-Okić.

Note: Watch out for the hikers along the way, specially during weekends. These are popular hiking trails, not so crowded like in Medvednica but nevertheless. If you ride downhill section from Oštrc and downhill section on the ridge, then technical difficulty is 4/5

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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