Samobor Oštrc Japetić Pleševica Okić

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Samoborsko gorje (Samobor hills)
Length: 50,3 km
Elevation gain: 2129 m
Maximum elevation: 839 m
Tehnical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Samobor Oštrc Japetić Pleševica Okić
Date of ride: 20.10.2018
Suitable for E-bike: Yes (if e-bike has push assistance)

Samobor is small town near Zagreb with a population of 21 000 people. According to legend Samobor was named like that, because long time ago in nearby forests ( Stražnik and Tepec) grew only pines ( Only –Samo, Pine – Bor on Croatian).  Samobor  has that medieval vibe, even now you can see knights, taverns and old mills when you look deeply in some houses. Every year there is historical reconstruction of the battle dated in 1441. Today I wanted to relive something less violent, so I decided to see where fairies and giants lived. Best place for the search is Samobor hills. So, when searching for a route I found some interesting tracks on internet and adjusted them to make a real all mountain ride with great sightseeing spots, singletracks, steep uphill sections and some hiking sections. Considering that Samobor hills isn’t very high, and I wanted to ride all day I visited four peaks (Oštrc, Japetić, Pleševica and Okić).

If you are in Zagreb, you can pedal from Zagreb to Samobor, but I’m not so into the paved road, so I decided to travel that part with the car and I sparred some time for a coffee on the main square.

First 11 km are on paved road  and it is very good for warming up.

After the paved road comes combination of unpaved road and singletrack. Last time when I was in Samobor hills I was hiking to peak Oštrc, and there is short but technical descent from peak to Željezničar hut. Near mountain hut Željezničar I decided to go over the ridge with beautiful singletrack section. This section is combination of hiking and biking (If you ride downhill section from Oštrc and downhill section on the ridge, then technical difficulty is 4/5). 

You don’t have to carry much food because there are mountain huts where you can buy food. Žitnica hut, positioned bellow Japetić peak, is famous paragliding spot. I met there some paraglider who told me that once he traveled from that spot to Graz with his parachute and that paragliders can be couple of hours in the air.

Left – singletrack section over the ridge near above  Željezničar, Right – paragliders preparing for take off.

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