MTB Pelješac – sv.Ilija – Kabal trail (meat grinder)

Country: Croatia
Region: Pelješac/ st. Ilija peak
Length: 34,20 km
Elevation gain: 1200 m
Maximum elevation:  961 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS TrackPelješac_Kabal trail_CycloTrail
Date of ride: 22.08.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: No

Descent from st. Ilija, which I rode for the first time in 2017. with Dalibor, is one of mine favorite rides, but this time I wanted to try another trail that goes from peak st. Ilija to Ruskovići along Kabal peak (this is the reason why this trail is called Kabal trail). I was surprised when Dalibor told me that this trail is going to be even harder than the first descent. I thought that he is exaggerating, but after ride I realized it was the truth.

Ascent is the same as before till the peak. After that we descended to the mountain hut and from there we went down the stairs following Kabal trail. First part is flow singletrack that goes on the earth ground through the wood, after that comes short climb, and then starts hard technical descent with lots and lots of steep and sharp switchbacks. I was in big problems during descent because fatigue took its toll. Even though I was generally in very good shape, after first 2 km I couldn’t ride this kind of technical descent as I am usually able. Nevertheless this is very very hard trail. It has very tight, sharp switchbacks (most of those switchbacks has loose rocks or drops in the middle), steep parts with loose rocks, drops and rolls.
In Viganj, at the start of our ride we met Bartoš from Poland, who is visiting Croatia with his family. We invited him to go with us and he accepted.

Bartoš told us that these kind of trails are called meat grinders in Poland and this is the reason why I named it like that in the headline :). After reaching Ruskovići, started ascent that drained last energy from me, it isnt’s so long or steep, but this day really wasn’t my day.
From there started another technical descent that ended near camp Perna, where Bartoš stayed with his family. He invited us for a drink, which we gladly accepted ;).

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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