MTB Medvednica Kustošijanski makadam – 20 – Dotrščina

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Medvednica
Length: 44,7 km
Elevation gain: 1190 m
Maximum elevation:  1010 m
Technical difficulty: 2/5
Download GPS Track: Kustošijski_20_Dotrščina_Cyclotrail  
Date of ride: 16.02.2019.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Every now and then happens a ride which will be remembered by as an unusual combination of circumstances, and today’s ride was  like that. Although, the beginning was usual as always. My trail buddy (Žac) and I met at turnstile Črnomerec, and started our ride to Medvednica mountain, one of the brightest jewels of Zagreb. At distance of few kilometers from the center, Medvednica offers plenty various trails of all technical difficulties for beginners and also for experienced riders. (Note: you should always be careful and respectful of others because Medvednica is also very popular hiking destination. ALWAYS slow down when you go near other people who went out to enjoy nature).

Today, we choose to go uphill by unpaved road called Kustošijanski macadam, which is famous 9,5 km long secondary access road, but we use it as bike road . Even though this trail is near my home I often choose to go to the top with Leustek trail, but today was weekend and very very sunny winter day, so Žac and I knew that Leustek will be highway made of hikers, and we decided to go uphill by macadam. Its trail leads all to Risnjak hut which works on weekends. From there we switched to singletrack which leads to Grafičar hut. Grafičar works every day from 9am-9pm. From there we followed unpaved road that lead us on northern side of Medvednica. There we pierced through snow. At some parts we had to walk, but most of time was funny sliding through snow. At any time it would be drivable road, bud due to snow, ride was a little bit aggravated.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

After skiing session, we refreshed at Gorščica hut, and started our descent at Puntijarka hut. (Yes, Medvednica is full of this huts, specially near Sljeme peak). My trail starts at spring 100 meter east of Puntijarka hut, and this trail is my top 3 Medvednica trail. It is fast, flow, long, and after descent you can ride forest park Dotrščina.
That was combination that Žac and I decided to ride. Everything went as we planned until we met Krešo, Kasper and Zen. If you want to know more about them, you have to see video bellow and see this unusual combination of circumstances for yourself :).

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