MTB Čaven

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Čaven
Length: 34,2 km
Elevation gain: 1350 m
Maximum elevation: 1242 m
Tehnical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Caven_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 06.05.2023.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

After a long time of bad weather we finally went back to Ajdovščina to visit mountain opposite to Nanos. We parked our car in Ajdovščina and from there started ou travel. First part of ascent is on singletrack trail that looks like it is made for uphill path for famous Ajdovščina mtb trails. Some of those trails I rode few years before.
I wanted to visit Čaven before summer because later here will be pretty hot, and during summer I have plans to go in Alps in northern part.

As i wrote, first part of ascent is on singletrack trail, after that we conncected to unpaved road, and then we connected to asphalt road that leads to the Koča. It is good to know that on asphalt road is spring, (about 10th km of the route). So you don’t have to carry many water with you.

I’m not into climbing on asphalt roads with fullsuspension bikes, but I really liked this road.

Also at the top there are two mountain hut where you can buy food and drinks. We stopped at first hut called “Koča Antona Bavčerja na Čavnu” Host is very friendly, he made us some great food cooked by his family recipe which was given to him by his grandma. He really took his time and gave an effort to make us feel welcome.

This is the view few hundred meters before hut. At the hut, we took our time to rest, relax and enjoy in good day. Day is still very long, so we enjoyed on the benches like lizards on the sun, and after about  1,5 hours we decided that it is time to be on our way.

I really missed this kind of rides, my last ride like this was few months ago on Nanos.
Descent and surface is very similar with that route. First part of descent is on steep technical trail which later becomes flow trail.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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