Medvednica VTC: Tonchek & Tochkica i Blek Stena

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Medvednica
Length: 17,5 km
Elevation gain: 810 m
Maximum elevation
:  650 m
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: T&T i Blek Stena_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 10.04.2021.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

I remember first time when I visited east part of Medvednica. It was winter, and snow covered everything in Zagreb. We decided to visit Gorščica and it was one of the best and most genuine experiences on Medvednica mountain. At the hut Gorčica we ended with knives in our hands peeling potatoes  with the host who then made us pancakes and he didn’t  want to take any money from us. That was the first time on Medvednica mountain that I felt like I’m in someone’s house and not in a restourant.
Now, concession ended for hosts, but they still give service in smaller hut nearby old shelter. They sell drinks, strudels and best pancakes (for only 5 kunas, which is only 0,65 euros).

Upper part of Blek Stena trail

Today’s ride was organized by local MTB club “Opušteno” and plan was to ride two uphills and two descends on different trails. First ascent we went on Vidovec macadam. We parked our cars across bus turnaround and from there went to Vidovec macadam. It is good to know that at the beginning of this macadam there is well that is operating even during summer.

After about 5 km from our parking spot we reached trail that goes uphill on the right side of macadam. After ubout 100 meters of steep uphill there is Dinolada trail on the left which leads to Tonček & Točkica trails and Blek Stena trail. Trail that goes on left leads to T&T and trail that goes on right leads to Blek stena.

Lover part of Blek Stena, 100 meters below this part there is also a spring.

At the end of T&T trails there is also spring so you can refresh there before new ascent on Bidrovec macadam that leads to start of Dinolada trail. Bidrovec and Vidovec trail connect with each other and they all lead to Gorščica hut (which I strongly recommend to visit). It is very close from Dinolada entrance, like 5-10 minutes with the bike.

T&T and Blek Stena are both flow trails with some technical sections. Even though they are bike trails and made by eastern MTB community from Zagreb they look like natural trails. That is one of the reasons why I liked them so much. Specialy Blek Stena which has many transitions in looks. At first it is classic forrest usual for Medvednica, then after “tobogan” ( “slide”) comes offcamber part which becomes semi rocky trail that leads to most beautifull part of trail surrounded with pine trees. So, if you want to visit eastern part there are plenty of trails for you to enjoy. There is aslo one mtb trail variation of hiking trail 56, and you can also ride trail 24 (both uphill and downhill). Once I rode that trail uphill, it is more demanding than macadams, but also more interesting and shorter.
Note: Respect hikers if you encounter them on trails. Greet them and slow down. Blek Stena (which means black rock) is named by the rock on the mountain visible from parking spot, Tonchek (Tonček) was named by trailbulder and mastermind behind this trails who got injured during one ride while trail was under construction. It is custom on eastern part of Medvednica to name new trails by injured MTB-ers to celebrate their early recovery and wish im well 😉

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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