Matajur – Matadown

Country: Slovenia
Mountain: Matajur
Length: 34,5 km
Elevation gain: 1480 m
Maximum elevation:  1640 m
Technical difficulty: 4/5
Download GPS Track: Matajur_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 05.08.2019.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Matajur is a 1642 meter high mountain in Julian Alps on the border of Italy and Slovenia. It is located between Soča Valley and Italian mountain region known as Venetian Slovenia, with views over Adriatic Sea. I rode this route few years ago,  with the difference that I started in Livek (Slovenia), this time I made a little change so we started in Savogna (Italy) because it is better to finish a ride with descent than on paved ascent.  At Savogna, near the parking spot, there is a well. Even though the sign at well says “non potabile” we drank that water :). After Livek, begins nice views on surrounding landscapes.

After paved road we reached gravel road that goes through pastures filled with cattle. The road is not very steep, but we were tired because we cycled for few days in a row. After gravel road comes very nice singletrack with views on top that leads to hut. There we rested a bit and enjoyed fresh air. Too bad that hut didn’t work. From the hut, we didin’t go right as classic Matadown trail goes, we went left. It is more demanding, and it is not entirely rideable, but offers better views which is better for my taste. You can follow the trail on the right because it will connect after few hundred meters with ours.

This trail is voted for one of the best trails in Europe, and you can see why. Very long singletrack descent with great views on local mountains in all directions. The trail is diverse, and begins with a steep and rocky part that push to the limit both bike and rider’s strenght. After the fields before Glevizza’s pass we jump into the middle part really flow with some technical passages and counterslopes. Almost at the end of the trail I realized that I forgot to unlock my shock and fork (all the time I thought I was tired because of the rides from previous days :D).

At 30th km we turned left on the turn because we didn’t want to go back with the road to Savogna so we didn’t ride matadown all the way. If you want, you can go straight ahead.  Trail on the left that goes to Savogna is visible from 7:33 ni the video. All in all, one of the best descents, and I will sure come back and do this trail again.

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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