Gorizia – Local trails

Country: Italy
Region: Gorizia
Length: 18,2 km (five circles)
Elevation gain: 850 m
Maximum elevation:  241 m
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Download GPS Track: Gorizia_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 12.01.2020.
Suitable for E-bike: Yes

Day before, we shuttled on Ajdovščina and Sveta Gora and I managed to fall on my first ride on descent on Sveta Gora trail, so after the fall I became stiff and all the time I rode with brake in my head. Luckily I wasn’t injured, but I couldn’t relax anymore that weekend…  After Ajdovščina and Sveta Gora, next day we visited small Italian town on border between Slovenia and Italy.
Near Gorizia there is small hill 241 meter high. Even though elevation is not so high, it offers nice views on nearby mountains in Italy and Slovenia.

We woke up pretty late and arrived at destination at 12:00 o’clock, but we still managed to do five (someone 6) ascents and descents. Trails are all easy, about 1 km long and very fun. You can find steep sections, fast and flow parts, kickers and drops. Trails are easy and good for learning and practicing. Access to trails is 2,5 km long paved road, which you can easily climb in 15-20 minutes.  There is a plenty of space to park a car, but no shops or springs  nearby so have in mind to bring something to drink.

At first, some of the turns seem illogical, but in second run everything sits on its place, and very soon we adapted to local Gorizia trails.

View from the top (left picture) and our place for relaxing between ascents and descents (right picture).

I wouldn’t recommend someone to visit this place from afar, but if you ever find yourself nearby you should check Gorizia local trails. All in all I was satisfied with our day and consider this lazy sunday a day well spent…

Map of route:

Elevation profile:

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