Dinara – Sinjal

Country: Croatia
Mountain: Dinara
Length: 60,66 km
Elevation gain: 1850 m
Maximum elevation:  1831 m
Technical difficulty: 5/5
Download GPS Track: Dinara_Sinjal_Cyclotrail
Date of ride: 23.05.2020.
Suitable for E-bike: No

2016. for the first time I rode exactly the same route. I had a bike less suitable for this kind of trip, and I wasn’t in good shape as nowadays but I still managed to finish the ride. This is circular route that starts in Knin near fishpond, and there we parked our car. Gojsi and I met with a friends from Pelješac peninsula (Dalibor and Marko). Dalibor is admin of Pelješac Mtb Vibes  page and we also rode together on st. Ilija few years before. Our route starts in Knin near fishpond on crossroads of Knin – Bosansko Grahovo road and the road coming from Krčić canyon.  We parked on the side of the road, on the gps track you can se our starting point. from there we turned right to Bosansko Grahovo.  After 2 km is another right turn, and from there you can see unpaved road in the direction to the Kninska Dinara – Brezovac Hut. The road proceeds to the Suvo Polje plateau where is the crossroad and the resting place named Markov Grob. Paved road is very wide and not so steep, great for introduction for later. Downside is that there is no shades, so it is very hot on the road during sunny days.

From Markov grob proceed on the carrigeway that goes through Golubičko suvo polje, Lazaret saddle, and then to the Brezovac valley. In 2019. military had some training in this region so they widen the roads.  Above Brezovac valley there is Brezovac hut. Usually there is water tank near hut, but at the time of our trip there was some kind of reconstruction of water tank so it was advised not to drink this water. Before going on this route be sure to ask local community for advice about water supply.

From Brezovac hut starts steep gravel road that proceeds to Duler valley. This is a great resting place with nice views on DInara mountain, and nice spot for a snack ;).

Steep gravel roads above Duler valley continues to the singletrack hiking section. When for first time in 2016. I rode this route I didn’t even try to ride this road because it was too steep for me, now I rode it. I was glad to see how I progressed during this couple of years. This gravel road leads to the labeled hiking trail to the Sinjal peak. From this point we couldn’t ride anymore, and the bike needs to be carried to the peak.

Hiking section last minimum 1-1:30 hour +/-. Depends on riders form. As you go closer to the peak, trail becomes steeper. It is important to follow your own pace and do not rush, downhill section is also demanding so you need to preserve energy.

From the top, the riding is possible but not all the time, mostly is hiking first 200-300 meters of elevation (trail is later suitable for biking with few exceptions). This singletrack descends to Glavaš village and passes near Glavaš fort (visible in video). Before Glavaš fort there is spring well. I won’t describe descent, there is almost 19 minute video that talks for itself. Just be careful because gopro efect is misleading, and trail looks easier than it is in reality. It is very useful to know how to do endo turn and pivot your bicycle to enjoy ride even more. This is definitly a ride to remember and great all mountain experience.

Note: During summer check temperature conditions and bring a lot of water (at least 3 liters).  Ascent parts takes about 5 hours ( including resting time, photo time). UST tires with the sealant are recommended but not a must.

Last couple years army has military exercises on Dinara, so sometimes they don’t allow civilians to go nearby. Before going on Dinara check the situation.

Map of route:

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